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Los Angeles 1 Server

2022-06-20 at 16:25:15
Resolved after about 11 hours


Point of Presence: United States
Los Angeles 1, CA
  • Resolved
    2022-06-21 at 3:14:09

    Los Angeles 1 Server is now fully operational.<br>--<br>Le serveur Los Angeles 1 est maintenant pleinement opérationnel.

  • Identified
    2022-06-20 at 21:00:20

    Our team is still working closely with the Data Center to ensure we can restore full functionality to the server as soon as possible. We’ll post more updates as they come.

  • Investigating
    2022-06-20 at 16:25:15

    Our Los Angeles 1 server is currently unreachable. Our team is already working on the issue to restore the service as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, we have routed all the traffic to a back-up server.